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Urgent briefing from the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding new provocations

▫️Only in March and April senior officials of the Western countries have been making regular provocative ‘warning’ statements. The mass media propagate the points about the possibility of using weapons of mass destructions by Russia.

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Dark0de Marijuana Vendor " George1580 " Busted in Austria — Cannabis, Cash and Weapons Seized - Dark Net DailyDark0de Marijuana Vendor "George1580" Busted in Austria — Cannabis, Cash and Weapons Seized Skip to content Donate Contact Dark Net Daily Your Clearnet source for Darknet news.


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※ c. Pro-terrorism or terrorist propaganda. ※ d. Harmful weapons/weapons of mass destruction. ※ e. Poisons. ※ f. Assassination services or media related to harm/murder. ※ g.


State Department had given the go-ahead to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia to send U.S.-made missiles and other weapons to Ukraine. On January 17, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said that Britain was providing Ukraine with new " defensive weapons systems. " SEE ALSO: How Long Could Ukraine Hold Out Against A New Russian Invasion?


But there are several easy ways that you can spot them: Look at their channel and the posts within it Look at the images of their weapons Have the images been consistently taken in the same location with the same camera / phone / lighting / background? This is important because as a weapons vendor we have our stash of hardware hidden in a “safe location”.


Profile directory About Mobile apps Log in Sign up Apr 28, 2021, 19:44 The Raven @[email protected]nion Is it right or wrong to open source instructions for making deadly weapons? Thinking about firearms, poisons, bombs, viruses... these technologies have an exponentially increasing lethal potential to kill innocent people.


You can easily say that you do not know who the cargo is coming from. Also, there's no way it could be detected as a weapon part. Weapons will be shipped with their Serial numbers removed. INFORMATION ABOUT GUN The Smith & Wesson® M & P®9 is an ultra-reliable, striker-fired semi-auto pistol that's simple to operate and maintain, making it an excellent handgun for self-defense, law enforcement, and military use.

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