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Belarus Up : Daily Notes

resistence has been so fierce. They see the stakes as existential. People calling for a specific response to Bucha are taking an atrocity out of its context. The response should be to ensure that Ukrainians ...


to use them responsibly. It's a harsh world , this place where people are waking up to seeing A.D. and "HI TAY" conneting to a band name d Kiss (and the SS ) and to a massive resistence to answering ...

Ukrainews : War Notes

matrix rooms were created and are administrated by russian trolls. Do not expect any useful information from such rooms. May 1st, ⚡#Kherson Alert! The #Russians have routed the #Ukrainian Internet provider ...

Transfigure by Tango

(text based) browser game focusing on the male to female transformation of its main character, Taylor Roux (among other topics). The story caters to a variety of subjects and tastes. The entire game is ...

Communsim Poem

Communsim Poem Communism Poem Let's make a poem, a story, whatever you like together. Everybody can add one word at a time to this story. (Let's not look at the grammar here) Your word: See the ...

The Guerilla Struggle in Greece

The Guerilla Struggle in Greece The Greek Civil War The Guerilla Struggle in Greece Source: Workers International News , Vol 7 No 4, June 1948, 6d, Published by RCP, Guerrilla Movements in ...

Anarchist Communism | The Anarchist Library

Anarchist Communism | The Anarchist LibrarySam Dolgoff Anarchist Communism July 1932 Published in three parts in the New York anarchist-communist journal ‘Vanguard’: Vol. 1, No. 2, July 1932; Vol. 1 ...

E.R. Frank: The Situation in the Far East (October 1945)

E.R. Frank: The Situation in the Far East (October 1945) Cochran Archive | Trotskyist Writers Index | ETOL Main Page E.R. Frank The Situation in the Far East (October 1945) From Fourth International ...

Creating Turn-Based Experiences with the Participants API

Creating Turn-Based Experiences with the Participants API Get Started Spark AR Studio Spark AR Hub Features Learn Gallery Partners Blog Community Create AR effects for Instagram and Facebook. Get ...

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