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Video Enable HLS to view with audio, or disable this notification 4.7k Upvotes 256 comments r/funny • u/remweaver27 • 3h ago It’s always fireworks. 38 Upvotes 12 comments NEXT Posts Wiki funny r/funny Welcome to r/Funny, Reddit ' s largest humour depository. ...


videos censorship religion funny conspiracy awww anarchocapitalism crypto hot new top Log in Sidebar Submit a link Submit a text post 1 anarchocapitalism - - ( + 0 |- 0 ) Nato Training Camp ( gvid.tv ) comment by x0x7 1 gaming - - ( + 0 |- 0 ) 4dSnake ( game.gvid.tv ) comment by x0x7 2 religion - - ( + 1 |- 0 ) Bible Story Pictures Slideshow ( gvid.tv ) comment by acfree35 1 funny - - ( + 0 |- 0 ) #equalpay4womensports ( gvid.tv ) comment by x0x7 1 greatreset - - ( + 0 |- 0 ) BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Is Trying to Change the World Using Other People's Money ( gvid.tv ) comment by x0x7 1 videos - - ( + 0 |- 0 ) Feel Bad For Me! ...

Chris Bakke (@ChrisJBakke)|Nitter - Seth For Privacy

Twitter: You have to buy Twitter now. 15 18 1 377 Chris Bakke @ChrisJBakke Jul 3 Dall-E: will replace designers Copilot: will replace engineers OpenAI: will replace copywriters Product Managers are safe because AI can’t sit poolside drinking margaritas while giving thumbs up emojis in Slack yet. 140 958 179 12,885 Chris Bakke @ChrisJBakke Jul 3 Follow me for more advice on how to become a 10,000x PM and get promoted at FAANG companies. 3 1 206 Chris Bakke retweeted maxpalmer.eth @MaxNPalmer Jul 1 New newsletter I'm loving: @ChrisJBakke 's Techcrunch, but funny. It's short, funny, and you learn something! chrisbakke.substack.com/p/co… Coming soon This is Techcrunch, but funny., a newsletter about Tech. ...


Some people hate the snow. People who don't like the snow usually have to drive in it and sometimes, the funny shape of cold water gets in the way. ...

TPI Miniseries - Agape

TPI Miniseries - Agape » Biertamente onionTPI (The People Image) Miniseries - Agape old photo-shoots The People Image Miniseries (TPI) - Agape old photo-shoots by thepeopleimage.com Preview Random Sample Video Preview Photo-pack - All content is in stock and available without registration. ...

Sad Atrocity! Belarus Rejects Refugees from Middle East, Forces Them to Go to the Ukraine

Belarusian authorities in November escorted thousands of people to the Polish frontier in an escalation of the crisis. Witnesses told the Guardian how Belarusian troops had gathered groups of up to 50 people and cut the barbed wire with shears to allow them to cross. ...

Why has every lobby of Rebirth turned into a pro gamer tournament? : CODWarzone

What you ' re complaining about is not SBMM, because if it were good SBMM then you wouldn ' t be playing against these cracked out saunabosses, you ' d be playing against other casuals like yourself. 404GoodNamesNotFound 10 points 3 months ago 404GoodNamesNotFound 10 points 3 months ago people who mald about sbmm are people who whine about not being able to destroy everyone and win every game after 100 years. its funny when people both complain about sweats and sbmm. tho I really wish they would show our " score " that sbmm ranks players by, then people would have something tangible of improving over the game rather than getting better and just getting harder opponents FinalForum 1 points 3 months ago FinalForum 1 points 3 months ago Honestly, people are just worse at the game than they care to admit. ...

TPI Miniseries - Lucia

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The Infographics Show 7:40 College Degrees That Earn The Most Money The Infographics Show 12:47 How Do They ACTUALLY Print Counterfeit Money The Infographics Show 10:31 How To ACTUALLY Spend Your Lottery Winnings The Infographics Show 10:27 Most Epic Ways People Quit Their Jobs - Funny True Stories The Infographics Show 10:27 Most Epic Ways People Quit Their Jobs - Funny True Stories The Infographics Show 7:18 How Rich Was Hitler (Where Did All His Money Come From) The Infographics Show 7:01 What Are the Most Expensive Countries in the World? ...

Incogsnoo | Private Reddit Reader

For many people someone like Zoe is an old champion for example. Maybe even most people. Most people probably also didn ' t see Dynamic Queue. Most people on this sub have likely never seen Faker win Worlds. ...

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