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Looking any trusted source for hacking news then you may trust on this onion blog. digitk5khbmoayhm – Blogs – Resistencia Digital – blog that share skills about how to surf on the internet anonymously or secure without any crime, these you can get some great topics that you should know if you are regular internet surfers. selfdevuilyolz3n – Blogs – SSD.EFF.ORG – Surveillance, Self-Defense based onion site, have more than 100+ blog posts, and all related to privacy or anonymity means how you can protect you while you are using any internet sites and various privacy anonymity step by step tutorials. darkcannaqvqwkam – Blogs/Drugs – Darknet Cannabis Buyer’s Guide – This is dark net blog where the user can read various dark net related guides, these are related to bitcoins, PGP, bitcoin wallets, marijuana drugs, etc. 2bu5puxp6afwjgql – Books – Z-Library – Biggest onion network library where you can download any available book free without any fee, also can read an available article related to any topics, also without registration, you can download these available books. ...